Imaging Modules for Microarray Analysis

Imaging Modules Colorimetry and Fluorescence


Sensovation has developed the SensoSpot® Imaging Modules Colorimetry and Fluorescence for Microarray Analysis as separate products. These innovative detection components are capable of analyzing multiplexed microarrays in a variety of formats.

Customized SensoSpot® Colorimetry Module suitable for integration in laboratory automation systems

Imaging Module Colorimetry

Sensovation has developed the Colorimetry Imaging Module as a separate product for a specific customer application. It has been designed for automated Microarray analysis of colorimetric microarrays in transparent wells of microplates. The Colorimetry Imaging Module is built into liquid handling systems for fully automated microplate processing. The Colorimetry Imaging Module performs the final step of optical readout and result calculation integrated in a complex process.

The Colorimetry Imaging Module integrates the same components and design of the SensoSpot® CL (Colorimetry) instrument. It consists of LEDs for illumination, optimized for the sample dye, and a high resolution CCD detection unit together with the required electronical control system.

The module comes as a kit including all necessary hardware and drivers. The SensoSpot® Colorimetry Module is compatible with Sensovation’s ArrayReader Software for hardware control and microarray analysis.



SensoSpot® Fluorescence Module is available in three different filter combinations

Imaging Module Fluorescence

The SensoSpot® Fluorescence Module is equipped with LEDs for lateral excitation of low density fluorescent microarrays and a CCD camera for detection. 

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These flexible modules are unique in the industry - with obvious advantages: providing fast presentation of results with highest flexibility regarding sample formats, ideal for routine diagnostic applications.


  •     Easy integration with customer instrument systems
  •     Compact, robust, affordable
  •     Automated spot analysis
  •     Powerful pre-installed array analysis software


SensoSpot® Imaging Modules are suited for different applications:


  •     Integration into pipetting robots for liquid handling
  •     Integration into spotting robots for quality control
  •     Integration into array processing systems


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