SensoSpot® Fluorescence Microarray Reader for Array-in-Wells & Microarrays on Slides

SensoSpot® FL is an automated, stand-alone reader for fluorescent microarry imaging. It can read 2- or 3- color microarrays on biochips, on slides, or in microplates.

Fluorescent microarray (144 spots) imaged with SensoSpot® FL and analyzed with the on-board ArrayReader software.

SensoSpot® Fluorescence

Fluorescence Microarray Reader

We designed SensoSpot® Fluorescence, our Fluorescence Microarray Analyzer, especially for the fast and easy read-out and analysis of low density fluorescent microarrays.

SensoSpot® Fluorescence is an open platform reader capable of reading and analyzing arrays in various formats, such as slides, 96-well plates, or other sample formats not exceeding the dimensions of a SBS microplate. The SensoSpot® Fluorescence standard configuration includes an optical system for 2- or 3-color fluorescence imaging. SensoSpot® Fluorescence is available in 3 versions: green/red or blue/red or blue/green/red - where the colors indicate the excitation wavelengths.

SensoSpot® Fluorescence uses high-power LEDs for excitation of the fluorescent dyes and high-sensitivity CCD sensors for detection. This breakthrough technology helps to reduce instrument size and cost and helps to increase readout speed and robustness.

  • SensoSpot® Fluorescence is a fast, compact, rugged, and affordable Microarray Reader, designed to bringing innovative Microarray technology from research to routine diagnostics.

SensoSpot® Fluorescence is a fully integrated, standalone instrument with touchscreen and built-in PC. The instrument comes standard - at no extra cost - with ArrayReader Software, a powerful and intelligent “on-board” instrument-control and array-analysis software. The microarrays are analyzed in real-time, right during measurement. Intelligent spot-tracking algorithms assure that each spot is found and analyzed based on spot shape and spot size.

A typical application for SensoSpot® Fluorescence is the read-out of  multiplexed, array-in-well ELISA assays.  For more details about this and other applications please go to our Applications page.

SensoSpot® Fluorescence is available as a stand-alone unit or on an OEM basis.  Please contact us for more information.


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