Compact, Robust and Affordable: SensoSpot Microarray Analyzers.

 SensoSpot Microarray Analyzer

SensoSpot® Microarray Analyzers


Sensovation offers different models of multiplex-enabled imaging readers for automated microarray analysis: SensoSpot®-Fuorescence for read-out of fluorescent assays and SensoSpot®-Colorimetry for read-out of colorimetric assays. Each model is available in different versions for specialized applications.


In contrast to conventional microplate scanners Sensovation’s microarray analyzers use CCD-camera based technology to acquire images of entire microarrays.


The SensoSpot® is a multiformat reader for microarrays in well plates and on slides. The microarrays can be located :

  • At the bottom of each well of a flat bottom 96-well plate or strip well plates
  • On slides
  • In biochips or cartridges

SensoSpot®-Fluorescence and SensoSpot®-Colorimetry are therefore optimally suited for detection and analysis of multiplexed protein- or DNA-assays such as multiplexed ELISA''s or multiplexed genotyping tests.


SensoSpot®-Fuorescence and SensoSpot®-Colorimetry are designed for routine microarray analysis and share a common instrument- and software platform. Due to the innovative imaging technology, the SensoSpot® instruments are much smaller, more robust and significantly more affordable than conventional laser-based microarray scanners. SensoSpot® microarray analyzers are designed to bring the microarray technology from research to routine diagnostic labs.


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SensoSpot® Fluorescence a Multi-Format Fluorescence Microarray Reader
SensoSpot® Fluorescence Microarray Reader for Array-in-Wells & Microarrays on Slides
SensoSpot® Colorimetry - Multi-Format Colorimetric Microarray Reader
SensoSpot® Colorimetric Microarray Reader for Array-in-Wells & Microarrays on slides.
SensoSpot® Colorimetry-Rfx - Microarray Scanner for colorimetric Array
Diagnostic Microarray Scanner for Colorimetric Microarrays on Non-Transparent Substrates.