SensoSpot® FL Module

Imaging module Fluorescence

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Sensovation’s SensoSpot® Fluorescence Module is an innovative detection component capable of analyzing multiplexed microarrays in a variety of formats. It is designed for integration in various instrument systems. SensoSpot® Fluorescence Module is equipped with LEDs for lateral excitation of low density fluorescent microarrays and a CCD camera for detection.

The optical module can be placed above or below the sample. The system includes an external PC that controls illumination unit and camera.  The module can be either run as a stand-alone solution or controlled remotely by a user application.

This instrument concept is unique in the industry - with obvious advantages: providing fast result presentation with highest sampling flexibility, ideal for routine diagnostic applications.


  •     Easy integration with instrument systems
  •     Compact, robust, affordable
  •     Up to 3 fluorescent channels
  •     Automated spot analysis
  •     Powerful pre-installed array analysis software
  •     ISO 9001 certified


SensoSpot® Fluorescence Module is suited for different applications:


  •     Integration into pipetting robots for liquid handling
  •     Integration into spotting robots for quality control
  •     Integration into array processing systems

SensoSpot® Fluorescence Module is available in three versions:


  •     Blue/red for dyes such as FITC / Alexa 488 and Cy5 / Alexa 647
  •     Green/red for dyes such as Cy3 and Cy5 / Alexa 647
  •     Blue/green/red for all above mentioned dyes

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