Microscopy Modules - for miniaturized optical detection and instrumentation

Sensovations Competence: Imaging Modules

Sensovation as a supplier of imaging- and detection instruments will give especially valuable support when designing diagnostic instrumentation for applications in the transition from research to routine testing. The imaging modules shown here are typical examples of custom-designed systems by Sensovation for particular applications. These modules are available or can be customized for any specific fluorescence detection task in the field of diagnostics, biotechnology or medical technology.

LumiSens Module

The LumiSens is a fist-size miniaturized fluorescence imaging system, providing the power of lab microscopes for portable applications. It comes complete with microscope, high-power LED excitation and ultra-high resolution camera.

LumiSens 830 is designed specifically for low cost and consistent high sensitivity low noise performance. As an OEM product it is designed for easy embedding into portable instrumentation - for robust operation in the field or on the lab bench. The modular design allows up to 3 dyes with no moving parts, up to 10 high-intensity LEDs per dye. Customized magnification, and integration of alternative image sensors are available, while maintaining standardized software, mechanical and, as far as possible, optical interfaces.


standard Configuration:

Two-Dye & white,

Alexa 488/647,

4.3x Magnification


  • High Sensitivity, High NA
  • High Resolution 8.3 MPixel CCD
  • Large Field of View
  • No moving Parts
  • High Quality single Shot Acquisition
  • Integrated LED drivers
  • High-speed 12-bit Data interface intended for direct data processor  
  • Ready for cost efficient OEM integration