Digital Microscopes - Modular Platform Concept

Sensovations Competence: Automated Digital Microscopy

Sensovation is a platform provider for automated, digital microscopes. A selection of functional modules can be combined to implement brightfield and/or fluorescence microscopes, using an upright or inverted architecture.


Our OEM microscopy solutions are quality instruments, designed, manufactured, delivered and serviced by Sensovation. Together with the customer we identify and implement the right product, adjusted to the needs of the application and the market.



  • Pathology Live Microscopy

  • Microbiology, Pathogen identification

  • Pathology Fluorescence Imaging, FISH

  • Barcoded Beads

  • High Content Screening, Cytometry

  • Pathology Slide Scanning

  • Rare Cell Detection, Circulating Tumor Cells CTC

  • Digital PCR

  • Immunology, IFA

  • Cell Culture and Live Cell Imaging


Core features of our microscopy solutions

  • Small footprint, requiring only little bench or desktop space

  • Optimized optics, ranging from simple cell culture to high resolution

  • Intuitive user interfaces, taylor made for the application

  • Label reading and Barcode recognition for sample identification