Real-Time Microscopy Meets Digital Pathology

SensoScope® Brightfield

SensoScope® Brightfield is an innovative microscopy system for pathology. It combines the advantage of a conventional microscope and a modern slide scanner for pathology. It allows live viewing of specimen and - at the same time - it offers all the power of the digital world, including digitizing of full slides in several focus levels. With this unique concept, SensoScope® Brightfield follows the workflow of the pathologists and is a valuable tool for immediate examination of fine needle aspirations and frozen sections. As a digital and fully motorized system, the SensoScope® is controlled by a standard PC and easily integrated into your IT structure.

SensoScope® Brightfield, a unique desktop system for various Pathology applications.
Product features:

  • Live Mode - Immediate display of 4 slides simultaneously. Three objectives provide overview as well as high resolution images
  • Scanning Mode - Scanning speed up to 80 sec per slide and Z-Stacking up to 5 layers
  • Connectivity - Use Live- and Scanning Mode in today's digital world
  • Developed and manufactured under ISO 13485 by Sensovation

SensoScope® Brightfield - Technical Specifications

  • 4-slide carrier
  • Infrared and image based double autofocus concept: ultra-rapid and reliable
  • Available magnifications: 2.5X, 5X, 10X, 20X, 40X, 60X - 3 objectives motorized, down to 135nm/Pixel
  • High-Power LED illumination
  • Overview, Label and barcode reading
  • Multi-language software support
  • prepared to communicate with LIMS/HIS/LIS
  • Size: W/D/H 50x50x60cm (20“x20“x24“)
  • Weight: 25 kg