SensoCam® Ci

SensoCam® Ci - We stopped selling and manufacturing our SensoCam ® Ci

 SamBa Ci with Gigabit E interface

SensoCam Ci with Gigabit Ethernet interface


SensoCam® Ci

SensoCam® Ci is a 2 MPixel, high sensitivity camera optimized for high-throughput electroluminescence imaging. It is successfully used for in-line inspection of solar cells in hundreds of installations worldwide.


SensoCam® Ci special features include:

High sensitivity, high speed, high resolution.  

Its good sensitivity in the near-IR range and its high speed make SensoCam® Ci the camera of choice for industrial testing applications such as electroluminescence imaging of solar sells. The frame rate of 3 fps allows a throughput of 1 cell per second. The SensoCam® Ci is available with robust Gigabit Ethernet interface and comes with a flexible Software Development Kit (SDK) for easy integration.


More information about electroluminescence you can find in our applications section.

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