Diagnostic Microarray Scanner for Colorimetric Microarrays on Non-Transparent Substrates.

SensoSpot® CLrfx measures and analyzes microarrays on nitrocellulose and other opaque substrates .

Colorimetric microarray image on nitrocellulose in a 96-well plate, taken with SensoSpot® CLrfx, colorimetric array imaging reader.

SensoSpot® ColorimetryRfx

Colorimetric Microarray Analyzer - for non-transparent substrates

SensoSpot® ColorimetryRfx is a special version of SensoSpot® Colorimetry, Sensovation’s Colorimetric Microarray Analyzer. SensoSpot® ColorimetryRfx is a plate reader designed for multiplexed diagnostics using 96-well microplates. It captures images of microarrays on the bottom of each well using a high sensitivity CCD camera. The instrument performs fast and automated measurement of microarrays. The built-in software instantly analyzes the array, locates and tracks each spot and calculates spot intensity values together with background intensities and many more useful statistical numbers.


SensoSpot® ColorimetryRfx is designed for measurement of microarrays on non-transparent surfaces, like nitrocellulose. A dedicated optical system illuminates the microarray in the well, acquires the image and calculates the result. Measurement and result calculation takes less than 3 minutes for all 96 wells of a microplate.


SensoSpot® ColorimetryRfx has a reflectance optics for non-transparent surfaces which is optimized for nitrocellulose. Typical dyes used in this application are BCP/NBT or TMB.


A typical application for SensoSpot® ColorimetryRfx is the read-out of  multiplexed, colormetric assays. For more details about this and other applications please go to our Applications page.


SensoSpot® ColorimetryRfx is also available on an OEM basis. Please contact us for more information

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