SensoCam® HR-320

We will not continue selling and manufacturing our SensoCam HR-320. The product will not be available anymore. Please contact us for alternatives.

 coolSamBa HR-320

SensoCam® HR-320

SensoCam® HR-320 is used for low-light applications such as luminescence imaging, at high resolution and long exposure times. SensoCam® HR-320 uses a scientific grade CCD-sensor, optimized for highest sentitivity with on-chip microlenses. The high performance CCD sensor, together with low noise electronics, deep cooling and minimized dark current results in an excellent, extremely sensitive imaging system.

SensoCam® HR-320 is mostly used in demanding biotechnology application for measurmenent of bioluminescence, chemiluminescence or darious fluorescence applications.


SensoCam® HR-320 special features include:

  • High Sensitivity
  • Very low dark current
  • Deep cooling (–60 °C below ambient) for long integration times
  • Hermetically sealed sensor (SensHermetic Technology)
  • On-chip micro-lenses, transparent gate
  • 100% fill factor
  • Full frame 3.2 Mpixel CCD-chip.

SensoCam® HR-320 is available with Ethernet / Network connection and 3-step data processing.


Please find out more about the excellent sensitivity of SensoCam® HR-320 and request more information.


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