SensoCam Cameras from Sensovation - De­signed for Electroluminescence Inspection

Imaging of Solar Cells and Modules

Defects in solar cells drastically decrease their efficiency and lifetime. Quality inspection of solar cells and modules is therefore critical to the photovoltaic industry. 

Quality inspection is typically done by taking electroluminescence images – one of the areas our sensitive, high-resolution SensoCam cameras excel in.  Equipped with sensitive, high-resolution, scientific grade Si-CCD sensors, 16-bit ADCs and powerful 4-stage thermo-electric cooling, the SensoCam cameras are ideally suited for solar cell characterization.

The SensoCam Ci and the SensoCam HR-830 were specifically designed for in-line and off-line production characterization of solar cells and modules.  The SensoCam cameras provide high sensitivity and good spatial resolution but also a very high imaging speed of 1 image/sec for the full imaging cycle including read-out and integration time. 

Our expertise in optical design and manufacturing has made Sensovation the market leader for electroluminescence cameras used in solar cell inspection.  There are hundreds of units installed worldwide and we continue to sell increasing numbers especially into the fast growing solar cell markets in Asia. 

These features make the SensoCam cameras ideally suited for QA/QC of solar cells and modules:

  • Customized scientific grade CCD sensors
  • Excellent near IR sensitivity (1,000 – 1,100nm)
  • Very high spatial resolution ( up to 63µm on 156mm x 156mm cells )
  • 4-stage TE cooling of CCD for ultra-low noise imaging
  • 16 bit dynamic range
  • Robust GigE or CameraLink Interface
  • Proven track-record
  • Competitive price

More information about our SensoCam cameras can be found on the productpage.

Electro-luminescence image of a complete solar module acquired with one shot with SensoCam HR-830