Our Instruments and Camera Systems can be Found in a Wide Range of Application Fields


Our products are relevant in a broad range of different fields and applications. We focus on the following:

  • Detection and analysis of multiplexed assays. For low density applications such as arrays of immunoassays or gene expression assays our array readers are the instruments of choice.
  • High resolution, automated imaging. The digital microscopes and high-density scanners are available for applications requiring higher resolution.
  • Bioimaging, specifically detection of chemi- and bioluminescence, gel– documentation, in vivo imaging, microscopy, fluorescence imaging and biochip detection
  • Inspection of solar cells and modules - several coolSamBa cameras were specifically designed for the inspection of solar cell and modules by electroluminescence.

All of these applications have one thing in common: they rely on fast, sensitive and affordable imaging and data analysis, requiring minimum hands-on time, maximum ease-of-use, and an affordable price point.

For more information about the applications please follow the links.