Sensovation Team


Innovative, flexible, competent

Sensovation is a dedicated company, active in a dynamic market and expanding rapidly.

The team consists of engineering specialists from the fields of electronics, mechanics, optics and software/firmware. All engineers have years of experience with analytical instrumentation and/or biotechnology. Sensovation has manufacturing facilities and the complete infra-structure of a modern enterprise. Sensovation offers more than "only" product development and manufacturing - employees have experience in biotechnology applications and instrumentation and therefore are able to discuss and consult the final application of customers.

Management Team

Frank Jäger, Chief Executive Officer

Frank was appointed as CEO of Sensovation AG in June 2017. He is also Head of R&D Engineering at Miltenyi Biotec GmbH. Before joining Miltenyi Biotec, Frank worked for Dräger Medical GmbH, Richemont SA, Lange Uhren GmbH, and Montblanc Simplo GmbH in leading positions. Frank holds a German Diploma in Electrical Engineering.

Dr. Matthias Hinzpeter, Chief Marketing Officer & Site Manager

Matthias was appointed as CMO & Site Manager in November 2018. Before joining Sensovation AG, he worked at Boehringer Mannheim Biochemicals and Roche Applied Science in leading positions. Matthias holds a German Diploma in Chemistry, a Doctorate in Human Biology, and an Executive MBA from Brunel University, London.

Paul Hing, Chief Technology Officer

Paul is co-founder of Sensovation AG. Before he co-founded Sensovation in the year 2000, he worked at Applied Biosystems (now Life Technologies) where he was instrumental in creating products for genetic analysis. He holds a Master Degree in Electronic Engineering and has specialized in biomedical instrumentation, particularly in imaging and detection techniques.

Joachim Bächle, Head of Research & Development

Joachim joined Sensovation in 2004. Before he joined Sensovation, he worked as Team Leader, Software and Hardware Developer at Baumer Electric, EAK and ELGO Electric in the field of imaging systems and industrial automation. Joachim holds a German Diploma in Electronics Engineering and has specialized on microcomputers and image processing.

Thomas Gnauk, Head of Manufacturing & Service

Thomas joined Sensovation in 2009. Before he joined Sensovation, he worked at Baumer Inspection (previously MASSEN Machine Vision System GmbH) as Vice Production Manager, at ABB Switzerland AG as Production Manager, and at Rohwedder AG as a Technical Purchaser. Thomas is a State Certified Engineer (SCE) and Master Professional of Technical Management (CCI).

Stefan Wörner, Head of Finance & Human Resources

Stefan joined Sensovation in 2009. Before he joined Sensovation, he worked at TRW Automotive as accountant/controller and at HKS Filtration-Technology as Head of Finance & HR. Stefan went through professional German accountancy training and he is a tax expert. Stefan is specialized in accounting, controlling, reporting, human resource management, and Supply Chain Management.