SensoScope Fluorescence-inv: A Fast and Powerful System for Imaging Cytomery.

SensoScope-Inv, Sensovation''s High Definition Scanner

SensoScope® Fluorescence-inv, Sensovation's high speed cell Scanner

Automatic cell scanner - with inverted microscope optics

SensoScope® Fluorescence-inv, Sensovation’s new high resolution Scanner is a fluorescence scanner designed for analysis and enumeration of cells. It uses an inverted microscope optics with up to 5 different excitation / emission wavelength pairs and with up to 3 magnifications.

SensoScope® Fluorescence-inv is a multiformat microscope, analyzing either microplates or slides as sample carrier. It is very fast: It only needs 300 seconds to scan and analyze the full area of a slide. It scans large areas, but at the same time it is able to detect small objects. With a 270nm resolution it is even possible to detect and analyze bacteria. The instrument comes with a powerful cell analysis and enumeration software package.

SensoScope® Fluorescence-inv, an unique desktop system for advanced cell analysis.
Product Features:

  • 5 Fluorescence channels
  • 3 Magnifications
  • High-power wide field imaging for screening of large surfaces
  • Pre-scan and high-resolution scan
  • Automated high speed scan
  • True multi format scanner for microscope slides, micoplates - 6 to 384 wells, chamber slides....

SensoScope® Fluorescence-inv, Technical Specifications:

  • Scanning Speed:< 300 sec per microscope slide over a Maximum area of 125mm x 85 mm (SBS format)
  • Autofocus using real-time and  reliable double autofocus concept (IR and imaging based)
  • Up to 3 motorized Objectives
  • High-Power LED excitation for overview and external broadband excitation for high resolution
  • Label, OCR and barcode reading
  • Multi-language Software support
  • HL7 Communication with LIMS/HIS/LIS
  • Size: W/D/H 50x50x80cm (20“x20“x32“)
  • Weight: 32 kg

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