Digital Signal Processing - for Video Imaging Applications

Sensovations Competence: Medical Video and Digital Signal Processing

Sensovation has realized several OEM solutions in the field of medical video. These include OEM video camera modules. These OEM modules are developed and produced by Sensovation for various suppliers used in the following end-applications:

  • flexible endoscopy
  • rigid endoscopy (human and veterinarian)
  • surgical microscopy

Especially in the field of medical video it is crucial to provide "true color" images of highest quality to the operator. This requires both, a powerful optical system and a data processing hardware with fast and sophisticated data processing algorithms.


EnVinci is a Signal-Processing-Board for image and video processing. In applications where fast data processing and reduction is necessary, Sensovation offers customized hardware and algorithms.  Envinci includes the following features:

  • fast FPGA- and DSP based video image processing
  • PC-like graphic user interfaces and applications
  • directly integrated data interfaces

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Powerful On-Line Image Processing

The following are a sampling of digital image enhancement algorithms which are implemented for the EnVinci Signal Processing Board:

  • color correction matrix
  • shading compensation
  • edge enhancement
  • free configurable look-up table
  • gamma correction / knee function
  • histogram based brightness correction
  • adjustable field  for brightness correction
  • white- and black balance
  • hot- and  dark pixel correction
  • ....