Reference Customers


    Sensovation is a strategic development partner and an A-supplier for the market leader in the diagnostic industry.

    For this company Sensovation has developped and is producing detection modules for Point-of-Care devices.

    Sensovation manufactures those products according to the quality standards from the diagnostics company. In yearly audits we always get optimum assessment of our production: 100 of 100 possible scores, zero logistical complaints, zero technical complaints, error-free deliveries: ~5000 units/year.


    Sensovation realized for Sakura the VisionTek® Live Digital Microscope. The full product was developed by Sensovation in close collaboration with Sakura Finetek.  Development included Hardware and Software. Sensovation also manufactures the VisionTek Instrument at the facilities in Radolfzell, Germany.


    Sensovation realized for Genomica the CAR - Clinical Array Reader. CAR is a successful product used for various multiplexed assays - for example for analyzing HPV, Resporatory Viruses and more. Instrument hardware and software was developed by Sensovation. Manufacturing is done at Sensovation''s facilities in Radolfzell.


    Sensovation’s Colorimetry Imaging Module is integrated into Genomica’s Autoclart plus system, the latest Genomica system for automated liquid handling, microarray processing and microarray read-out using the CLART® technology.